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Welcome to Pranic Healing Foundation SriLanka
Practice Loving-kindness and Non-Injury. - Master Choa Kok Sui
Serenity is the highest from of Peace. - Master Choa Kok Sui
You can achieve illumination by looking at a flower. By looking at nature you can become one with all - Master Choa Kok Sui
In the Tradition of the king

King Buddhadasa, while strolling through the royal courtyard witnessed a Naga writhing in extreme pain. The king having diagnosed the malady opened the Naga's belly and removed the painful obstruction from its bowels. Having been thus restored to health, the Naga removed the precious Naga Manikkaya (the Cobra jewel) from its throat and gave it to his healer, the king. He then slithered away.

An ancient Lankan Ola manuscript from around 500 BC states, 'If you cannot be a king, be a healer'. And in this day and age when kings have been deposed or guillotined, when lay people are stepping into the robes of kings... is it not safer, and more compassionate to be a healer?

Healing Tradition

Geographical proximity and trade brought Ayurveda to Lanka some centuries before the birth of Christ. Yet, since time immemorial, and even before the advent of Ayurveda, indigenous deities have been invoked by indigenous medicine men to absolve man of physical and mental malady. Furthermore, geographical location has blessed the island with an abundance of flora containing valuable medicinal properties. In addition to these, Unani made its way to Lanka's shores with Muslim traders, as allopathy and homoeopathy came with western civilization. Immaterial the nature of disease, the right to be healed was the fundamental right of everyman. And the diseased was at liberty to use that system, or systems that guaranteed the greatest relief.

Why Pranic healing?

Where are the missing slokas? In a day and age, where science nearly enables man to conquer mortality, it is good health that gives longevity its worth. Unfortunately, longevity and good health does go hand in hand. Medical science may assure longevity, but it cannot assure good health.

Human civilization is plagued by disease. Though medicines and vaccinations have spread to the far corners of the globe, rotting archaic plagues, disease has not diminished. Where one has been erased another has risen. Where parasites have been wilfully killed, they are reborn mutated. The victory of medicine over disease is nearly impossible. But the battle is yet being fought...

Meditation in Twin Hearts (Bhakti Yoga)

MEDITATION ON TWIN HEARTS is an advanced meditation technique aimed at achieving illumination or universal consciousness. It is also an instrument of world and community service that eventually harmonizes the Earth by blessing it with loving-kindness, peace, joy and goodwill.

Meditation on Twin Hearts is a noble tool that helps to raise one's vibrations towards higher states of awareness and expanded levels of consciousness. Presently being practiced globally by tens of thousands of people of different religions and backgrounds, the Meditation on Twin Hearts is extraordinary in its simplicity with amazing and dramatic results.

Meditation on Twin Hearts is based on the principle that some of the major energy centers or chakras are entry points or gateways to certain levels of horizons of consciousness. The Twin Hearts pertain to the heart and crown energy centers. The heart chakra is an energy center for compassion, joy, affection, consideration, mercy, and other higher refined emotions. The Crown's energy center (also called the spiritual heart) located on the top of the head is the entry point to higher spiritual consciousness. To achieve illumination or cosmic consciousness, it is necessary to sufficiently activate the crown chakra. This can be done only when the heart chakra is sufficiently activated. Only by developing the higher refined emotions can one possibly experience Divine Love. When the crown center is highly developed, one experiences Divine Love and Oneness with All.

Blessing the earth with loving kindness, peace and goodwill following the Meditation on Twin Hearts can be done by a group as a form of world service. The effectiveness of the blessings is magnified many times more when done as a group rather than as an individual.